Рататуй журнал 2011

рататуй журнал 2011

For Ego and Skinner, Remy and Colette create a variation of ratatouille, which reminds an astonished Ego of his mother’s cooking. Обжариваем около 2 минут. 3. Заливаем бульоном так, чтобы морковь была чуть покрыта. Atop the tomato sauce, arrange slices of prepared vegetables concentrically from the outer edge to the inside of the baking dish, overlapping so just a smidgen of each flat surface is visible, alternating vegetables. The begetters of “Toy Story 3,” for instance, left Emeryville and headed north. Retrieved February 5, 2014. ^ Turan, Kenneth (June 29, 2007). «This is no dirty rat «. Los Angeles Times.

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