Письмо в журнал о своих проблемах

письмо в журнал о своих проблемах

Rachel Nolan is a doctoral candidate in Latin American and Caribbean history at New York University. The price was too high; he had too much to lose. Озверевший пациент едва не вчинил д-ру Осгуду иск на 1,5 млн долларов — в возмещение упущенной выгоды. О том, что удержало пациента от этого шага, д-р Уильям Ф. Осгуд скромно умолчал. The key question you must be prepared to answer is simply this: Can the sort of sustainable agriculture you’re proposing feed the world? The only other possibility seemed to involve my becoming one of the sordid people on the Avenue, who were not really as sordid as I then imagined but who frightened me terribly, both because I did not want to live that life and because of what they made me feel. Revolutions, like bankruptcies, come gradually, and then suddenly.

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