Журнал сенса март 2013

журнал сенса март 2013

And I did notice that simply avoiding the mental lag of deciding whether to help or not was helpful. At a minimum, Grant’s example presents a bright-line rule: Unless the person on the other end is a proven taker, just do it — collaborate, offer up, grant the favor. And now you. …” Second is the descending narrative: “Sweetheart, we used to have it all. There had already been some capital flight—an estimated €72 billion left Greek banks between 2009 and 2012. Furthermore, the threat of a Greek exit created fear of contagion, with the possibility of more countries leaving the euro and even the collapse of the eurozone altogether. Meanwhile, it would help level the playing field for exporters in the southern countries in crisis, and would be done without the punishing reductions in real wages demanded by the Troika. They’re coming back, and we’ve got all these great support networks set up for them. For the most part, Grant has more than compensated for the shyness he felt growing up.

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